Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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Shade Tree Studio - Featured Artisn

Shade Tree Studio has beautiful Vintage Style Jewelry Creations that are beautiful works of Art!  Handmade jewelry: vintage style bracelets, artisan etched metal cuffs, one of a kind necklaces, pocket watches, vintage style rings, and glamorous earrings. Many have been etched, enameled, and aged by hand with artisan patinas; creating the feel and look of a treasured vintage heirloom. A Must Have for Every Jewelry Box!

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finally going Medieval on Breast Cancer!

After much stress and determination, I finally finished the bra!
This mannequin that was used was already in the Studio and was not built or used while I was creating this piece so it doesn't fit as well as it would on an actual person.

This bra is on display at Studio 1219 in Port Huron Michigan as part of the "The Art of Being a Woman" Exhibit. It will be on display through October 27. If you live in the area, please come in and see it and the other bras that will be in a Silent Auction on October 27th. Half of the funds raised will go to the Studio 1219 Breast Cancer Fund which assists in helping underinsured and UNinsured women in the are with Mammograms and Breast Cancer Treatment that they might otherwise not be able to afford. The remaining funds raised will benefit the Studio general operations. Vote for this bra at the Studio. Votes are $1 each or 15 for $10. 
We also have two galleries filled with art by local women that is also for sale to benefit Breast Cancer & raise money for Studio 1219.

As most people know, I am always trying to find some way to promote the Studio and when I became aware of this event, I jumped on it. The journey and struggles with breast cancer were very prominant in my family. While I wouldn't wish this on anyone, those who go through it with support and medical treatment can survive and lead healthy lives. Early detection and treatment are paramount to fighting and winning.
Not everyone wins. But with research and support, a cure can be found soon.

If your local area has a Breast Cancer Event, please support research and treatment.

Please click on the the Art of Being a Woman link above for times and dates for all of the events at Studio 1219 during the month of October. I will be at every one. If you don't see me... I assure you, I'm there.

With almost 4000 rings, in anodized aluminum and EPDM rubber, pictured above, it took 2 weeks to create, as I was using a tutorial that wasn't quite as descriptive as ones usually are. With much determination, I had to create and redo this piece 3 times. A challenge to be sure. But for any future creations, I have gained valuable knowledge, not just in making chainmaille bras, but in measurement, and weaving the pieces together. All rings were purchased from The Ring Lord.

This photo depicts the seaming required to make the cup. The cups are created by weaving to triangular pieces together at a 45 degree angle. Can you see the seam? If you can, give me a call, you can be my eyes from now on. This project was especially difficult since I just got my first pair of Progressive lens eyeglasses.
All in all, this project was a labor of love.
The love I have for my two Aunts: survivors of Breast Cancer, the love I have for others who did not survive, and the love and support I have from family and friends for the Art I hold so dear.

Thank you... and please, GO MEDIEVAL on BREAST CANCER!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rings are IN!

Last month I appealed to my family and friends (you) to assist me in purchasing supplies for a chainmaille bra for the Art of Being a Woman Event at Studio 1219.

I recieved the supplies on Friday and am now working to have my bra done in 2 weeks. Yes, I typed weeks. Usually I would have given myself plenty of time to have this done by September 22nd. But between demonstrating at the Studio, holding my first class as a Studio Instructor and life, I have cleared up all my free time to focus on this endeavor.

This project will have almost 5000 rings, in anodized aluminum and EPDM rings.
What is EPDM?

EPDM is UV resistant and has excellent mechanical properties for use in chainmaille.
EPDM is typically used as a roofing membrane or as a non-toxic pond liner. It is latex free.

I use EPDM rings in any project I need/want a little stretch. I create some bracelets that do not require clasps. (picture taken by theringlord.com, my exclusive supplier of EPDM rings).

I'll be posting more pictures as the process shapes up. If you'd like to assist me in donating even more money to help under insured or uninsured women get Mammograms and follow up treatment for Breast Cancer please donate through my Pay Pal button on the right.