Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rings are IN!

Last month I appealed to my family and friends (you) to assist me in purchasing supplies for a chainmaille bra for the Art of Being a Woman Event at Studio 1219.

I recieved the supplies on Friday and am now working to have my bra done in 2 weeks. Yes, I typed weeks. Usually I would have given myself plenty of time to have this done by September 22nd. But between demonstrating at the Studio, holding my first class as a Studio Instructor and life, I have cleared up all my free time to focus on this endeavor.

This project will have almost 5000 rings, in anodized aluminum and EPDM rings.
What is EPDM?

EPDM is UV resistant and has excellent mechanical properties for use in chainmaille.
EPDM is typically used as a roofing membrane or as a non-toxic pond liner. It is latex free.

I use EPDM rings in any project I need/want a little stretch. I create some bracelets that do not require clasps. (picture taken by, my exclusive supplier of EPDM rings).

I'll be posting more pictures as the process shapes up. If you'd like to assist me in donating even more money to help under insured or uninsured women get Mammograms and follow up treatment for Breast Cancer please donate through my Pay Pal button on the right.

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