Friday, May 22, 2009

Gearing up for the Summer selling season

I just placed orders all over the place for display items for bracelets and necklaces, of which I have tons. I purchased two long display tables and the most expensive and important of all my purchases: A merchant tent.

I love how Ebay has the 'Make Me an offer' feature.

The seller wanted 149.00. I countered with 129.99 and he was firm at 145.00.

I don't understand why he would only go 4 dollars below his asking price, seems to defeat the purpose of using that feature. On the other hand, it got my attention and I wanted this particular tent.

It is red... my favorite color and sure to stand out in a sea of blue and white tents. They had black but I'd roast like a cornish hen in a black tent. It also has four 'walls'. Two of which have nice translucent 'windows' to let light and a curious peek into my selling domain.

Here's a small picture. Taken from the ebay transaction (link:tent since the picture isn't showing)

I've also ordered some findings and supplies for new items I'll be introducing to the Etsy site.

Busy busy busy.

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