Sunday, June 20, 2010

Border Wars

July 19th Candace, of Candace's Creations and I ventured down to Ionia : Bertha Brock Park.

Despite the lack of chainmaillers at this event last year, I was one of six making maille. Rather disappointing. It was stifling hot and humid with occasional and brief breezes of relief.

Although I did very few sales (three items to Candace's one) I plan to attend again next year with a sizable inventory and for all three days, not just one as we did this year.

Pictures of the tent, taken by Candace.

I'd like to thank my lounging boyfriend Ben, for being there ( you can see him napping on the ground next to me in the picture above) and rescuing me on the ride home when the calipers went out on my brakes. He's the best.


  1. Sorry it was slow, and even more about the calipers. Wishing you the best!

  2. Thanks Carol. We had fun that's what counts.

  3. Your table display looks awesome! Sorry about the calipers! :)

  4. Thanks Deb, I got a third table for next show. I think I need table cloths. Make it look more professional or something.