Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby steps...

Years ago, when I renewed my friendship with a high school friend and her partner, Bonnie Pfingst of Tiny Studio, I was introduced to Art-O-Mat. A wonderful project sponsored by Artists in Cellophane (AIC).

In a nutshell, Art-O-Mat machines are rare retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are over 90 active machines in various locations throughout the country. Paintings, jewelry, sculpture, and just about anything you can fit in a box of cigarettes, EXCEPT the cigarettes are placed in this machine. (Full history can be seen here ) Each Art-O-Mat item vends at a fixed rate of $5.00. Artists will receive $2.50 per sale, on consignment. Clearly not a money maker initally; I will be using this venue as a marketing tool for Armored Hearts. Owners of Art-O-Mat machines are updated of new artists and can see a sample of their work to select them to vend in their machines. I am hoping to be chosen by two machine Owners in Michigan. Who knows who will find my work awesome enough to vend in other machines through the country.

I am JUST NOW getting things in order to make my first submission; earrings with an Elemental theme into Art-O-Mat machines. It isn't a long process, but you do need to submit a full prototype, with a placard for the machine for approval. After approval I will create a minimum of 50 (fifty) boxes to send for distribution.

As my process continues, I will post pictures, emotions, possible rants and the joy of embarking on an unknown artist journey.


  1. Yay, Frann! I am happily following your blog and progress!

  2. Yeah! Number 35! Thanks. I need to catch up on yours.