Friday, February 10, 2012

How I got my wings back...

Some people find peace, worth and accomplisment in their jobs. Some in family life, and others in the way they express themselves.

I am in the last category.

The last few years have been very trying. The gaps in my work history prove it. I tried to focus on too many things at once and due to the loss of a job I thought I was 'born' to perform I fell hard to the bottom. Illness; personal and the issues my mother has been having lately proved to keep me there even after we moved to the east side of Michigan in September of 2011.

Recently two friends have helped me pull myself up by my bootstraps and get back into life, work and passion for what I love. Making art.

Art is subjective and not everything one person thinks is artistic is viewed by someone else as beautiful as the creator believes it to be.

Leayn Tabili has opened my mind to a myriad of things that has helped me to become a more calm, open and focused person. Not just in my art, but in life. She is a dynamic woman and gives advice and beauty (seen below) freely. A force in the beading world, she also creates with chainmaille, viking knit and I'm told torches a mean piece of glass when she has the time. Leayn has a great eye to combine elements into designs that are classic, contemporary, amazing and one of a kind. Just like the necklace she made for me. She's my estranged Mentor, and I hope to actually meet her one day.

Amy Singleton Kuczewski is a funky lady who may be my sister from another Mister. (Who else fires up glass in a purple bandana scarf and a Motorhead t-shirt and can crochet DRAGONSCALE designs? My kind of style!) Amy created the winged heart bead shown in the necklace and is one of the most talented Torchers I've never met.

That's right. Both of these ladies I came to know by finding their works on the Internet. We've never met, however I do hope one day to join Leayn, and others at the Bead Show one day. And I hear that Amy knows some people who teach Lampworking in the Park Trades Center in Kalamazoo. One of my old stomping grounds in Michigan.

Leayn's work can be seen, admired and purchased on Etsy and her own website: Anthelion Jewelry Find Leayn on Facebook.

Amy is very active on Facebook and Etsy. Just a warning: Amy's beads are very very addictive. Ask Leayn!

It's women like these who are true to their own Artistic Hearts, and lift up others who really need their wings back.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

It's good to be back.

Photo Courtesy of Leayn Tabili and Anthelion Jewelry


  1. oh man! Tears coming out of my eyes now. *huge heart hugs*

  2. Sister from another Mister, I love it! You squeezed my heart here. I can't wait to meet you one day. Soon!

  3. Sitting here on Valentine's day with my AWESOME necklace on and beaming. You guys have no idea what a simple act of kindness and sharing your talent has done. Mom has stage 2 Lymphoma BUT it's very treatable. We go for an CAT scan and bone marrow test Thursday. Without your special support (and others) I'd be depressed and a mumbling doomsayer. Thanks for your friendship!