Saturday, March 31, 2012

New projects

I have been upping my game in challenging myself to design.
Up until the last year, I have been learning more weaves in an attempt to have the arsenal to attack new and original work.

I found a sheet of European 4 in 1 that I had not used and stared at it for sometime. Being an avid knitter (of yarn that is) in the winter, I had fingerless gloves on the brain. I made and gave several pair for Christmas and when I looked at this metal fabric sheet I saw what ended up below.

I call this cheating. I had the sheet of metal and just split it, folded it over and connected a tube. Remove the rings for the thumbs and edged it in black anodized aluminum. Viola! Instant hand bling.

I did have to 'take in' an area on the edge below the thumb. Decreasing it slightly so it was more form fitting. But essentially it was easy. Additionally, I was happy that I didn't have to make it from unwoven rings.

Materials Used: 16 gauge Bright Aluminum rings 1/4" and 18 gauge 5/16" Black Anodized aluminum rings for the bottom edge, 18 gauge 5/32" Black Anodized aluminum rings for the top edge. All purchasted from the Ring Lord

The next project, I am collaberating with my brother Brien Ramales, a MAC Costmetic Makeup Artist. Brien is very fashion forward and not only attends MAC Events in New York, Chicago, and San Diego; also offers Makeup Artistry for Weddings, Proms, and special occaisions. He has taught at Paul Mitchell Schools, done demonstrations for several Beauty Schools in Michigan and has done makeup for several local television news anchors in the Detroit area. Been on national music tours, national TV TLC, and profiled in three print publications including "the knot"
and fashion shows that include Style Week in Chicago.

He and I were having dinner one night and he showed me a video of a Ukrainian Dance Group Kazaky. They have one of the best looks I've seen lately and he pointed to a piece worn by one of the dancers.

First I started with scales. Black for effect and wove a small patch of scallemaille to show him.

I ran out of scales (silly me) and posted this on Facebook
He immediately asked, "Can you make shoulder pads out of these that connect together?" Cooly, I answered, "Well, yeah," and went to work.

Since I had run out of black scales. I put together this patch of silver.
The same width of the black one but longer.

We tested it's length and it was perfect. My brother is average height but very slim. Think model physique. The width was slightly smaller than it should have been. We were going for a STATEMENT here so I widened the patch.

Then made two! Because like most, my brother has TWO shoulders. :)

This project isn't over... I still have to figure out how to connect them. I was using larger rings woven in strips (16 Gauge 5/16 Euro 6 in 1, for you maillers) but I'm having issues with angles and connection. So I've set it down for once in the last 8 days and will attack it again on Monday. Once again, all materials are from the Ring Lord. My first and continued supplier.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here or email me.

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