Saturday, May 16, 2009

Once upon a time...

... there was a dreamer.

The earliest recollection I have of crafting is in day camp when I was about 8 years old. We were able to make the obligatory dry macaroni design on Popsicle sticks and everyone did the same thing... Elbow macaroni, painted gold... slap a picture in the middle. YAWN.

I found the Alphabet macaroni letters and wrote a story.

It took a few weeks of daily creativity. In the end I did what I wanted and I loved it.
Where is it now? Who knows but it did start the path I'm on now.

To create and enjoy.

I love metal. I love bending it... shaping it. Weaving it. Matching it with other elements such as beads or wire. I'm self taught and rely mostly on the generosity of others with their ideas and experiences.

I do not consider myself a designer. Once I grow my knowledge base, perhaps I will have enough confidence to design signature pieces myself.

Currently I am building my knowledge of traditional weaves and incorporating them into the creation of jewelry. I have a collection of items in a shop locally. West Michigan is hard hit by the economy and I was a reluctant victim. After this summer season of Fleamarkets and Art Shows I'll be back to working a 'real' job, until I can nest egg enough money to do a combination of jewelry making, shows and teaching in the local area.

I've found a haven of sorts in a forum created by two fellow Maillers.
Handmade Artist Forum is a great collection of Artists. Not just maillers, there are sculptors, painters, glass makers, yarnsmiths (knitting, crochet and macrame) and many many others.
Any Artist that makes items, for sale or pleasure, with their own little hands is welcome to join.


  1. Nice story! Reminds me of myself as a youngster...always wanted to create! A dreamer like you. Thanks for sharing!