Thursday, May 28, 2009


I recently posted on My Facebook page, 'The first male friend or girlfriend or wife that responds will get a 8 inch stainless steel bracelet for their honey to test drive for me."

My friend from high school responded and I sent her husband an 8 inch Stainless steel Half Persian 3 in 1 bracelet made from 18 gauge 5/16 saw cut rings.

He sent back his thoughts a week later, per my request.

A REAL guys opinion of your bracelet design.

1) What do you like about it? The design with the intertwined rings is very cool, the added rings gives it a nice 3D effect. Also and added bonus is that it doesn't pull me arm hair.

2)What don't you like about it? Honestly, the only thing the I can think of, is that sometimes when I resting my arm on a surface the clasp has a tendency to poke me. The lever that opens the clasp is pointy. Other than that it's very comfortable.

3)Would you wear this style as a necklace?
Yes, I would.

4)Would you give the bracelet as a gift? Well, I don't give too many guys gifts, however if I did, yes I would.

5)How much would you pay for this bracelet? I'd say $40 to $50.

6) Who's the best jewelery maker you know?
That's a tough one. My daughter Alyssa makes some wicked jewelry using wire and beads. But, since I don't wear beaded bracelets..that makes you the best jewelery maker I know.

Thank you very much for the bracelet. I'm going to enjoy it for many years. It would be really cool the have that necklace, hint, hint. Fathers day is coming and I'm sure Wendy is looking for some ideas ;).
Could be a possible sale for you.

I should do this every quarter :). By the way, I never 'designed' HP 3 in 1, but it's nice to be known as a designer.

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  1. That's great he likes the bracelet, my husband and all his guy friends also love hp 3-1 for bracelets and necklaces.