Friday, March 26, 2010

First Giveaway!

Yes it's true! You can receive, at NO charge a wonderful piece of Armored Hearts Handmade Wearable Art!

Straight to the requirements:

Earn 2 entries by following this blog. Please comment below.
Earn 2 entries by following us on Facebook. Click the Facebook Badge on the right.
Earn 2 entries by following us on Twitter. Click the Twitter Badge on the right margin.
Earn 4 (yes that's FOUR) entries by referring a friend. Have them comment that you sent them. Friends MUST comment that YOU referred them for you to earn the four entries. NO Exceptions.Please have them use the name you use when following this blog. Your friends can refer their friends in the same way.

Comment, below the ways you've become an Armored Hearts Stalk- FOLLOWER and on Monday, March 29th 2010 at 5pm the winners will be announced. You MUST provide your email for me to contact you regarding shipping. If you do not provide this information, I will randomly choose another recipient.

What do you get?

Two followers will receive an Armored Hearts Cell phone charm. (Pictured, top right) Please post first and second color choices. (Pink, turquoise, black, green, or purple)

ONE follower will receive an Armored Hearts Shaggy Loops Bracelet (Pictured, top left) , please post in comments color choice (red/silver, turquoise/silver, black/matte gold, purple/silver, pink/silver or not pictured: black/silver, rainbow/silver or green/silver.)

We hope to be able to reach more appreciators of handmade jewelry and wearable art with this giveaway and many more to come.


  1. Oh wow! What a fantastic GIVEAWAY!! I am following your blog, I am a fan on Facebook, I am a follower of your Twitter channel, and I am about to go refer my friends who would love your gorgeous work!! Let the games begin!! :)

  2. I am following your blog, already your fan on FB, and I follow you on Twitter too. So that should be three entries, right? LOL

  3. Hurray for giveaways!! I'm already a fan of your facebook, blog and twitter! I'll refer some friends too!

  4. Thank you ladies! Janelle, you have six entries, two for each. If you have a friend follow the blog and put in her comment that you sent her, you'll have an additional four entries.

  5. I follow your blog and facebook and have you on twitter

  6. Thanks for your entries. The winners are....

    Kim from Among the Ruins
    Deb from Zur Designs
    Nicky from Ambient Girl Designs
    and oh my gosh... Janelle... email your address, I have something for you too.

    Nicky and Deb please email me your first and second color choices from the items above.

    Thanks for all your retweets and sharing on Facebook.

  7. Woot!! I never win anything! :) You are lucky for me Frann!