Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I get by from a little help from my friends...

Last year, at the end of Craft and Art Show season I realized too late that I needed help.
Enter Cori Nichols. Cori and I met through a local Pagan network and she lives 'just down the street' (the street being a major freeway in Michigan). She and I get along well. We both have the same, 'love me or go away' attitude a lot of the time.

We are now working together to network more online and organize what inventory is current and new items we want to introduce this Spring/Summer season. Cori is very much a reason that Armored Hearts is becoming more and more influenced by Celtic style jewelry and design.

She's working on her first piece of chainmaille; a Bright aluminum pouch as I post. She's given me great insight to what people like and price points.

Going forward, we will be working on more Wire jewelery designs as she learns basic chainmaille weaves and I train myself in wire wrapping and design.

Cori will be essential for Armored Hearts to establish a stronger presence in the local area during Craft & Art show season as well as being another set of hands to create new and exciting pieces of wearable art for everyone.

I welcome her assistance and her eye for detail. I hope you will appreciate her as much as I do.

Also, We are on Facebook. Please see the Widget to the right to add us to your list of Fan Pages. I often do Facebook only specials and giveaways. We welcome more friends, always.

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