Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beaded Inspiration

I met a wonderful woman who also lives here in the Mid-west. She and I have a passion for creating beautiful works of wearable art. But, she uses a medium that currently eludes me: Beads!

Leayn Tabili of Anthelion Jewelry not only creates wonderful original beaded jewelry, she also teaches her craft. I met her on Facebook, after reading comments on the Blue Buddha Boutique Fan Page. We exchanged compliments and started talking about other things other than our crafts.

I credit Leayn for not only getting me very interested in beadwork, but also starting yoga. But that is another topic for another blog.

Truly and artist, she created prototypes of rings, made of strung beads attached to an adjustable silver plated ring base that took my breath away. Anyone that knows me knows I am not a girlie girl. I don't like pink, ruffles or lace and I definitely am not in to wearing elaborately beaded jewelry. UNTIL NOW.

This ring is completely made of beads strung together and around each other and attached to a ring base. I could only imagine the precision (which I long to possess) and patience it takes to tackle projects of this caliber.

It looks large but in fact is the perfect size for my smallish hands and it's very comfortable. I'll be wearing it at upcoming craft shows and handing out cards that Leayn provided to share some crafting love and show off a beautiful piece.

I'm very inspired to begin learning about beading, as Leayn is mastering chainmaille and I'm very envious she completed a Dragonscale Bracelet before I could get to that weave. She's moving into Chainmaille and I'm moving toward beads. I suppose it's a natural journey to embark down a creative path that you admire so much.

I know I admire her work.
I purposely didn't post a picture of her other items so you would take a look. Check her out on Facebook.
and tell her Frann from Armored Hearts sent you. She's in the midst of getting a dot com running. I know it's going to blow everyone out of the water.

Next week: What I made with Rings and Things beads from the Bead Show, and what I made from my order of Resin Casting items. :)

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