Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two steps forward, one step back

I've been meaning to post the pictures of the items that I've made from the Rings and Things Bead show, back on the first of May. I haven't gotten there yet and I've just recieved my shipment of items to do resin work. I purchased a starter set for making resin items and a small order of Steampunk inspiring watch parts. The kit has great findings for starters; 42 in all, the resin epoxy mixes, stirring sticks, measuring and mixing cups,resin gloss spray and a great book filled with 50 items you can make with resin. I can't wait to get started. I purchased some black, red, silver and gunmetal E beads as well as some cute buddha faces in red and gold, and have some earrings already made. Pictures are soon to come.

So, suffice it to say it's been a Rings and Things kind of week.

Once I get more organized, pictures will come more frequently.

Now the Two steps forward:

I am embarking on a great adventure with a friend/ex-coworker who recently opened her own Photography studio in Evart, Michigan. Teresa Swift-Ekert is one of the most together women I know. She goes above and beyond to make sure people around her are happy and fulfilled. She's offered me a chance to place items in her studio on consignment and teach classes. We are currently working on a collection to place in her store for the Grand Ribbon cutting of Subtle Impact Photography's Hometown Debute.

If you live in the West Michigan Area and are interested in Beginner's Classes for Chainmaille jewelry making, please email me at Armoredhearts3(at)

Check out Terea's website for amazing digital pictures with the latest Green Screen technology. She has techniques that will blow you away.

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