Monday, February 15, 2010

defunkt is Funky

I've been trying to keep within the U.S. for my supplies and I stumbled upon an Etsy site run by an ambitious lady, Jennifer Reece.

Having only sold on Etsy a year, Jennifer has two shops. - offering natural stones, stone beads, semi precious gemstone beads and other supplies for jewelry making. - offering Jennifer's own jewelry creations.

Her plan for sales expansion is to have a rock cutting set up to form cabochons, and beads from natural stone, she obtains from local Rock shops or by rock hounding in Central Oregon. "I find some of my specimens in a man made reservoir. Every year we go in when they lower the water in the fall and see what the lake had turned up through out the year. A few years ago I found a fossilized egg with druzy crystals and even an amethyst stalagmite." Jennifer reveals.

My experience with Jennifer has been wonderful. I have purchased a bulk moonstone to tumble and carve for runes. Recently I found GREAT deals in her De stash such as rose quartz beads in excellent shapes for charms for only 95 cents! A long string of triangle shaped moonstones, and the biggest, brightest Carnelian beads I'm currently wire wrapping with copper. She also enclosed very generous freebies with each of my orders.

If you are into using natural stones with your creations. Take a look at her shops, I'm sure you will find just the right shiny stone to make your jewelry stand out!

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